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katie couric

katie couric. CBS News anchor Katie Couric
  • CBS News anchor Katie Couric

  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 28, 11:26 AM
    Monkeeboy Eric Schmidt's Android is Goin' Down! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URb8h4dLKps) :D

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  • whooleytoo
    Jul 25, 11:18 AM
    Here's a radical suggestion, very unlikely to be implemented, but maybe interesting.

    The iPod has a screen on the front which displays the controls, but the touch/presence/motion sensitive sensor is on the back. Since the controls are on the back, your view of the screen isn't obscured by your finger tapping on it.

    But how do you see exactly where your fingers are? Simple - the "None Touch" sensor detects where your fingers are, and superimposes a representation of their position on the screen - it's almost like a transparent iPod, where your fingers behind the iPod are shown on the screen in front.


    - your fingers aren't obscuring your view of the screen
    - you're not smudging or scratching the screen by tapping on it.


    katie couric. Katie Couric Leaving CBS News
  • Katie Couric Leaving CBS News

  • rasmasyean
    May 1, 11:01 PM
    I am very happy that Bin Laden got what was coming to him ... we also need to continue the fight on terrorism

    I think that last I heard, the "tactical target" should be Ayman al-Zawahiri. Bin Laden was just some "face", but the real brains is Ayman al-Zawahiri. He was sort of like Bin Laden's Spiritual guide. In a way, Bin Laden might be just some gullible rich dude that Ayman al-Zawahiri used.

    katie couric. Katie Couric
  • Katie Couric

  • Eldiablojoe
    Apr 26, 03:45 PM
    Ok, well- I want my vote to count for something so I'm changing it To Plutonius.

    Sorry- HTML skills lagging lol

    Fixed :)


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  • Katie Couric#39;s big

  • Ammo
    Apr 26, 10:27 AM
    I'm hoping iPhone 5 supports HSPA+.

    That's PLENTY fast. Every bit as fast as current LTE networks.

    katie couric. Katie Couric
  • Katie Couric

  • mattcube64
    Jan 31, 10:06 PM
    ^^^ Nice purchase! Boring, for sure... but I definitely need new tires on my '06 Grand Prix. I'm still on the factory Hancocks. But, I plan on getting a new car in the summer, and don't feel like spending the ~$500 to replace them for just a few months of use.

    Anyhoo... I have had QUITE the spending spree the last couple days. :p Unfortunately, that means I won't be buying anything else anytime soon.

    40" Samsung 1080P LCD:


    160GB PS3 Slim, which came with UC2, Karate Kid on Blu, and Pixel Junk Shooter:



    NBA Jam and House of the Dead Overkill for Wii:


    A new, crappy (Protip: spend the extra money on a decent shelf) shelf for my stuff:


    Comply pro foam tips for my Triple.Fi 10s:


    ... and a crap-ton of groceries and water to prepare for the Winterpocolypse! :D


    katie couric. hot date with Katie Couric
  • hot date with Katie Couric

  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 26, 02:04 PM
    Just an FYI, item shows sold out. Missed my window...

    I knew I should have ordered more than one last night. It was a good deal.

    I could care less about campers. They are just noobs who I kill right after I respawn if they get me first..

    Exactly! You see my post on twitter about tinyurl not working? I think you fixed it though...

    katie couric. Brian Williams, Katie Couric
  • Brian Williams, Katie Couric

  • coder12
    Nov 13, 12:14 AM
    I think that the article meant to say, "SkyFire's", not "SkyFires" in the middle paragraph :P

    Just sayin' :)


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  • Katie Couric is reportedly

  • Rogue.
    May 3, 07:36 AM
    And the specs?

    UK store still down at this time...

    So enough of the speculation, and post when you have something worth posting ;)

    katie couric. Katie Couric at Mercedes-Benz
  • Katie Couric at Mercedes-Benz

  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 15, 03:11 PM
    Goes against Steve Jobs saying Lion was shipping this summer. What is your source ?

    Until Apple says it's delayed, I'll believe Apple when they say it ships this summer.

    OK, here is a historic example:
    "Apple missed Leopard's release time frame as originally announced by Apple�s CEO Steve Jobs. When first discussed in June Jobs had stated that Apple intended to release Leopard at the end of 2006 or early 2007. A year later, this was amended to Spring 2007; however on 12 April Apple issued a statement that its release would be delayed until October 2007 because of the development of the iPhone."
    (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Leopard)

    I do not believe that Adobe, Microsoft and other big companies need just a few months to make their apps Lion-compatible. Will Apple release Lion, if major companies do not support it? Unlikely. Q1 2012 is more likely.


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  • Katie Couric may be getting

  • spydr
    Mar 31, 09:52 PM
    Chill people. This is simply an adoption of the iPad calendar which hasn't really raised any objections of this scale before. Now in an attempt to unify the look and feel, whether you like it or not, this move is going to happen.

    I for one, asked for this on the very first day I got my iPad � I couldn't wait for when my desktop calendar would look that polished and pretty, but yet with all the features if not more. Glad to know it is coming soon.

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  • SMM
    Dec 3, 07:23 PM
    .....<text removed>.......

    Perhaps a few of the people who said yes may think that, but don't assume all of us are like that! Please feel free to look into my post history, not that it is any of your business anyway. You will find that I am a true Apple and Mac fan through and through!

    I do not assume any such thing. There were two issues involved in my post. One was about the motivation, and reaction about security. The other was more generalized about the disinformation campaign (FUD), I am witnessing on this board. I did not reference any particular post, content, or person in this thread. So, I am unclear why you seem to feel I have attacked you, or (collectively) everyone.


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  • katie couric nipple slip

  • Digitalclips
    Apr 29, 02:59 PM

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  • batistuta
    Apr 25, 01:48 PM
    For me 23-25" is not the sweet spot. I want something to rival or exceed my Dell 30" (2560x1600), so add a 32" Apple :-)

    New Mini? I guess some time after the iMacs - the little guy has always been last in line - I'm guessing a year will pass since last refresh (June 2010) - I am hoping for SSD and i5-7, at least as BTO. Dedicated graphics or user replaceable HDD is probably only dreams...


    katie couric. Katie Couric showed off some
  • Katie Couric showed off some

  • pkson
    Apr 12, 07:10 PM
    Wow, we're all over the place aren't we. If we cover our bases we'll have to be right! :D

    hahaha, yes, indeed.
    Just put up the whole calendar and say, "one of these days, we'll get an iPad 3, and an iPhone 5."

    katie couric. katie couric cbs evening news
  • katie couric cbs evening news

  • tabasco70
    Jan 12, 09:10 AM
    I feel bad for her kids.


    katie couric. Katie Couric, CBS News anchor
  • Katie Couric, CBS News anchor

  • sreedy
    Jul 25, 10:11 AM
    So, in conclusion - get the S530 instead!



    Does this require "line of sight" to the USB receiver?

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  • Katie Couric Large Picture

  • ComputersaysNo
    Apr 13, 04:02 PM
    Internet wormhole - double post.

    katie couric. Katie Couric
  • Katie Couric

  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 28, 11:02 AM
    False! It speaks volumes about how consumers react to the most innovative original and popular smartphone in history being only $50 with a contract.

    You proved my point.

    Jul 21, 11:39 AM

    As long as Apple doesn't grow too fast, this is great news. Get to Gateway in the next few years, and I'll be happy. Just don't grow too big, Apple.

    Catching up to Gateway is good, I suppose, but I seriously didn't even know they were even still around. That's a pretty low bar to set...

    Aug 15, 04:00 PM
    This excites me so. These seem like some nice features. I guess I will have to go buy an external HD to utilize Time Machine. I can't wait to see what the other "hidden" features are going to be. It gets me all tingly.

    Nov 15, 04:10 PM
    Very nice watch.

    Heh, and people are flipping out over a $250 Burberry shirt.
    OH MY GOD!!! :eek::eek::eek: That's ridiculous!

    Mar 31, 01:39 PM
    That wood look needs to go. iBooks in iOS is hideous. I am disappointed that it's making it in to OS X.

    What if Apple gives a choice b/w 2-3 gradients?

    Mar 31, 01:13 PM
    Bad interfaces based on silly metaphors isn't a new phenomenon at Apple. May I remind you of this abomination?


    To be fair, the brushed metal interface first debuted in 1999 with Quicktime 4.0. Compared to the horrendous user interfaces of the time period, that looks amazing. It is sad though that it took them until leopard to get rid of it...