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  • Branskins
    Apr 29, 03:45 PM
    I wish they would keep the slider buttons. I really really liked them :/

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  • Fast Shadow
    Apr 16, 03:16 PM
    Those photos look so fake. I really don't think Apple is going to hard edges on the rear of the iPhone case.

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  • Belly-laughs
    Oct 3, 06:23 PM
    Your idea sounds a lot like Bill Gate's smart fridge telling the us that our milk is going bad and that we should buy a new carton the next time we are at the supermarket.:D :D


    You just wait. Soon your Mac will send you a message saying it wants more RAM and a processor upgrade the next time you�re visiting the Apple Store. :D :eek:

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 8, 01:35 PM
    Great cover story.

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  • matrix07
    Apr 16, 01:11 PM
    12 years old?

    Miss by a mile pal. iPad has nothing to do with your opinion about iPhone. If you can't accept the fact that iPhone has re-invented the phone industry, a fact all the media accepted, then even a hundred iPad in your household couldn't save your ********. You know that if you're older than 15.

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  • ssteve
    Oct 6, 12:18 PM
    Except Verizon does that too!!!!

    Are you amongst tall buildings when you experience these dropped calls on Verizon? Maybe Verizon drops these calls because of the same reason AT&T does....

    Don't get me wrong. I won't get an iPhone until I can get it on Verizon. I live in AZ and there are only two small spots where I ever lose a call and most of the time when I am in these areas, the calls do not drop.

    Verizon...Get the iPhone.

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  • nlr
    May 2, 02:14 PM
    They don't need to track you any more, they got Osama Bin Laden already.


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  • ghostlyorb
    Dec 13, 08:28 PM
    Maybe VZW will bundle their only current 4G device -- the Mi-FI gizmo -- with a 3G CDMA iPhone 4. Would be similar to what they are doing with the iPad.

    Before you ask if VZW is stupid enough to do that, remember that VZW ninnies nixed the iPhone way back when.

    Interesting idea... sounds practical.. but the CDMA part is what I don't believe.

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  • mooncaine
    Oct 7, 04:14 PM
    "Jobs apparently warned that while Apple was not a litigious company ..." This must be a hoax. We can't seriously be expected to believe that Jobs would say such a thing. Apple is infamous for suing or threatening suits on the most trivial matters ....

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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 18, 03:24 PM
    Please, this conversation is so 2005...

    Optware also plans to release a holographic disk product for streaming video that's targeted at the film and broadcast industries, and a consumer disk product that is about the size of a credit card with 30GB of capacity.

    hah, so funny, but then again, it has taken alot of time to make blu-ray hope this could come faster.

    but.... it all depends on pricing. will holographic storage be cheaper? more reliable.

    if so... sign me up. alot of us just want reliable storage.

    but... with turner movies using it. sounds like a professional tier product, not consumer yet

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  • Hastings101
    May 3, 11:34 PM
    With regards to this particular ad, should we presume from your comment that you are not an engineer, a doctor, a business person, a teacher, a student, a parent or a child? All these folks love their iPads.

    I guess people without children that do not fall under any of those careers can't like iPads :(

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  • DoFoT9
    Aug 14, 08:09 PM
    well i added 2 more GPUs to my folding mix. i got a gtx 465 folding in the same rig as a gtx 260. it took awhile, but finally have them both folding with the gpu3 client. we'll see how it does

    2 more :eek: farout man! how do you afford all that hahaha!

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  • tny
    Oct 29, 11:10 AM

    Yes, what he is saying about "Free" software is true. "Free" software is about what rights to use the source code the user has; most "Free" software is available in at least some commercial version for a fee (e.g., Red Hat Linux, MySQL).

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  • yanki01
    Dec 13, 09:42 PM
    i think its too late to start the adds for this if they want everyone to jump and buy before christmas.

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 10, 05:47 PM

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  • GeekLawyer
    May 3, 02:33 PM
    Where I live, and with the operator I use, this isn't out of the contract though. I don't know which contract you have.You should consider yourself lucky then. This story is about places where your situation is not the case.

    elisha cuthbert hot. elisha cuthbert hot. zzz elisha cuthbert 4 hot; zzz elisha cuthbert 4 hot. rtheb. Apr 30, 01:28 PM. Kind of makes you feel really sad for Steve and Bill.
  • elisha cuthbert hot. zzz elisha cuthbert 4 hot; zzz elisha cuthbert 4 hot. rtheb. Apr 30, 01:28 PM. Kind of makes you feel really sad for Steve and Bill.

  • Sydde
    Apr 9, 07:42 PM
    Ohio has a lot of blue collars. They will need about a quarter million to file a referendum on government union busting. They are optimistic, the effort is underway (http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700125855/Opponents-of-new-union-law-rally-in-Ohios-capital.html?s_cid=rss-5). I wonder if Thomas Veil will sign this one (with his real name)?

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  • scu
    Nov 24, 08:12 AM
    Well I just spent over 100 bucks on these specials. Call of Duty 2 special was too good not to pass up and I always upgrade my .mac account on this day.

    I am saving the rest of my money for a iPhone or new video iPod.

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  • BRLawyer
    Oct 3, 03:36 PM
    One and ONLY release at MW 2007: iTV. Oh yeah, and the retirement annoucement by SJ: iGiveup.

    Apr 29, 05:07 PM
    Don't you think they were really unintuitive? It works on a touch screen. Not on a OSX device.

    Naah. You could click on them like normal and it would slide the button over to where you clicked - or you could slide it manually. It looked slick and operated either way.

    Apr 16, 02:58 PM
    1. Was the iPhone the first smart phone = No
    2. Is the iPhone best smart phone = yes and no, depends on what you like and your needs.
    3. Did it change the cell phone industry = Yes, are the experts agree. Apple simply did what they always have done. They improve on a product that has already been established in most cases.

    The Apple ecosystem is no more open or closed then any other system, Apple, Android, Rim, Windows etc.

    If I want to do certain things with an iPhone I have to jailbreak it, same with Android it's just called rooting.

    end of story, move on

    Mar 4, 11:07 AM
    Keep talking Veil, 2010 was just the 'coming attractions.'

    No- you keep talking, please. Please, we beg you to keep trying crap like this. It'll all but guarantee the Republicans' demise. Really, you could not self destruct more beautifully. You're not for freedom at all, just freedom for government and corporations to walk all over their workers. And since you never mentioned the anti-gay addition to this bill, I assume you're OK with that too.

    Jan 5, 05:54 PM
    I love this time of year.

    We had Christmas, and new year, and the usual hangovers and overweightness that accompanies these last couple of days ;)

    Now life gets back to normal......
    ..... but not for us Mac-geeks. The last couple of days leading up to the MacWorld SF Keynote speech is definitely my favorite time!
    The expectation, the excitement, the rumors, and reading about all of us how we like to spend the actual "time of speech".
    Over here in Europe the time of day is perfect: 6 pm CET. Either stay at work and follow the news there (websites, MRChat etc.) or rush home and do the same.
    Use iChat to link all news & views with fellow nerds....

    Me, personally, I just have to know right away. I can't wait until the QT link is up.... especially as it usually is overloaded and results in poor viewing the first couple of hours.

    Best time of year. Every year (followed by the last days leading up to the WWDC ;) )

    May 1, 01:23 PM
    I'm sure it's been mentioned, but I feel that people shouldn't be able to rate their own posts.