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american idol haley reinhart

american idol haley reinhart. Haley Reinhart: quot;#39;Fallin#39; #39; by
  • Haley Reinhart: quot;#39;Fallin#39; #39; by

  • M87
    Jun 7, 01:20 AM
    Isn't there a pop up that asks you if you're sure you want to buy the app after you click buy? Maybe I'm thinking of iTunes... Either way, I blame the child.

    american idol haley reinhart. May 11, 2011 · Reinhart: So
  • May 11, 2011 · Reinhart: So

  • Squonk
    Oct 24, 08:06 AM
    Apple's headline: "...Seatbelts Sold Separately."
    Bad marketing, seatbelts suggests crashing.

    I hear you. Maybe, this means installing Windoze is optional... he he he ;)

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  • Haley Reinhart American Idol

  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 02:44 PM
    I'm noticing a little quicker general UI navigation, but the third party apps still don't show their launch animation unless opened first, exited, and then launched again. Only once loaded into the memory can you go from app to home screen to app and see the full animation.

    Yet, oddly, Apple's stock apps are entirely unaffected.

    Don't know what you mean by launch animation. Be gentle.


    I opened Sirus, exited, opened FIFA 11, exited, went into Sirus again with no lag time. Is that what you are talking about?

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  • coolbreeze
    Apr 28, 03:56 PM
    First, the volume switch issue, then this. I feel sorry for case manufacturers. What a nightmare.


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  • #39;American Idol#39;: Haley

  • martingc
    Apr 14, 01:14 PM
    I've just downloaded the update on my iPhone and iPad and i noticed that on the iPad (not iPhone) in the General Setings now there is now a multitouch gestures button to enable this function. It suports 4 fingers up to show the app switcher, 4 fingers to the sides to switch apps and 5 fingers to the centre to go to the home screen.

    It works great!

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  • haley reinhart

  • zephyrusrain
    Apr 28, 06:40 PM
    Here are your measurements - http://www.tipb.com/2011/04/28/white-iphone-4-roughly-02mm-thicker-black-iphone/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheIphoneBlog+%28TiPb%3A+iPhone%2C+iPad%2C+iPod%29

    Oh good.

    0.2mm thicker. Interesting.


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  • American Idol: Haley Reinhart

  • rw3
    May 2, 12:15 PM
    Apple Store employees know ZERO about future product releases except for what they read on MacRumors and the like on the internet. They are given no prior knowledge to a new product release.

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  • Haley Reinhart delivered

  • falcon99
    Oct 5, 09:38 AM
    Seems like we have the same drop rate here. From all of these posts it looks like ATT has a problem in many metro areas.


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  • American Idol Haley

  • mrblah
    Jul 22, 01:11 AM
    At 7% the Mac will gain in momentum and grow to its full potential at 30 to 50% of the home market in probably just a few years, it will never stay at just 7%.
    50%? Did you forget how much Macs cost? One of the main reasons Dell has such a huge market share is because they are so cost effective and come with great bundles aimed at the average person. 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac.

    If Apple can come up with bundles that include a monitor, printer, and scanner while still managing to be priced competitively with Dell then theyd have a chance at Dell level marketshare. Bundling iPods with Macs could be a great program for Apple as well. But they are very far away from offering anything close to what Dell does for that price, and thats what the average person wants (I doubt they are the least bit concerned with Windows, they just want a computer with everything they need).

    Apple offers the programs people want, but theyre useless without the hardware to use the programs. They should do more to make it easier for non-computer people to get everything they need at a decent price (unlike shopping through dell.com which gets you good deals on a lot of stuff, shopping through Apple seems to cost more than if you bought the crap seperately)

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  • haley reinhart blue

  • samcolak
    Apr 22, 12:03 PM
    Stop it please, you're hurting me... OpenStep is a specification of which GNUStep is a GPL licensed implementation released by the GNU project. Foundation and Cocoa are the NeXTSTEP acquired implementations that Apple is using.

    OpenSTEP is not licensed under a GNU project license at all...

    POSIX is not a kernel. It's a standard programming interface that UNIX systems used to make sure that one program written for a UNIX system would compile another as long as the standard was followed.

    Minix, while being a POSIX compliant OS, was a complete implementation done by Andrew Tannenbaum for a book he was writing.

    Your grasp of all of this history is quite muddied. Seriously, who are you trying to convince here ? You've gotten about every fact wrong about this whole thing. The plain fact remains, I was right all along, your correction was quite wrong when you said :

    You completely misunderstood my post when I said Bash was part of the GNU project. Bash has always been GNU, always will be. The GPL is very much "GNU licensing".

    Enjoy easter yourself and use the days off to work on your grasp of the whole UNIX and open source histories.

    From GNU.org (http://www.gnu.org/) :

    Again, the Foundation is called the FSF, from their site, FSF.org (http://www.fsf.org/) :

    Stop getting it wrong, we're on the Internet, the sites are there to correct you.

    Ok maybe you are drinking a bit too much coke, so calm down a little - I said the Bash was under the GPL license - this is correct. You are equally correct in saying its under GNU (i just clarified in saying GPL). My mistake in saying you were wrong.

    2. I said the GNU was a project started in 1984 - we both agree on this.

    3. The FSF (a foundation) was what GNU evolved into - we both agree on this.

    4. Per Bash, i never said it wasnt part of GPL/GNU - it is - I agree.

    5. OpenStep is the open source repository of NextStep - per GNUstep, couldnt care less.

    My unix history is pretty clear but thanks for the heads up.


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  • Are Casey Abrams and Haley

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 26, 10:00 PM
    wait, you cant get gpu2 to work in windows?

    I haven't tried windows but from reading posts elsewhere it seems to be a problem in windows as well. As with most things electronic it is likely only a few who have trouble. I'm just better at bad luck than most people are.

    dang that's fast. on a 2.26 mac pro? it's taking me like just under or right at 36 min on my i7 920 running at 3.5 ghz. hey now, if you could do these on your 920 then you could really put up some points

    If you only have 4 cores and I have 8 that isn't very much of a difference even taking into account the mhz discrepency. It might be worth trying to see if my 920 would be ok at stock speed with bigadv units.

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  • Haley Reinhart Eliminated From

  • RITZFit
    Dec 1, 10:55 PM
    Deez...by some miracle :(


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  • Anyway… remember when Haley

  • NWI73
    Apr 14, 05:07 AM
    Wonder if I can sell mine on eBay to make enough to buy this one outright... :confused:

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  • That#39;s contestant Haley

  • Steelers7510
    Apr 14, 07:33 AM
    Sorry, this is a dumb question.

    Whats a 16 GB AT&T iPhone cost without a 2 year plan?


    Google my friend... :cool:


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  • opeter
    Mar 31, 10:31 AM
    It would be nice, if the user could change the windows (UI) color in MacOS X like this can already be done in Windows / Linux.

    So, that you could change the grey look to something else. They could integrate the color chooser, like you have, when you work with fonts etc.

    After all, Mac is sold to consumers, so why not give them the choise of colors, at least in their programs, if their computers are cold/neutrla grey/silver/white colored?

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  • iDrinkKoolAid
    Jul 29, 12:15 AM
    I'm guessing others have already echoed my thoughts already, but competition is good a good thing.

    The iPod is great (I use one every day at the gym), but nothing lasts forever.

    I'm worried that Microsoft is in it for the long haul and will hold on until the iPod is crushed.

    Then we'll be all left with sub-standard MP3 players that only work with Windows. :(


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  • ivan2002
    Apr 14, 05:14 PM
    just because a new device is out doesn't mean your old one dosen't work anymore / you suddenly need it..

    I'm tired of people asking me if my 3G is still working. My old RAZR is still working too. What's your point?
    Here is one thing none of us needs: psychology comments on a technology blog.

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  • Haley Reinhart absolutely

  • bilbo--baggins
    Jul 24, 04:35 PM
    Bah, these things are rubbish. The scroll wheel clogs up with dirt, just as scroll ball mice did in days gone by - except there is no user access to clean it thoroughly. Apple need to re-think the design on this one before updating it.

    Why fix this problem now? Surely they will make more money if they bring out a bluetooth version with all the flaws of the wired version, and then next year bring out the new improved version with a solid state scroll pad, independent side buttons, ability to press the middle button while holding down the left button (ie. to drag an object between applications, with my old M$ mouse I would click and hold on a picture, press the scroll wheel to change applications, then drop the picture into iTunes - can't be done with the Mighty mouses single click mechanism).

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  • Idol fan--myself included.

  • Platform
    Oct 24, 07:47 AM
    Nothing much, but a nice update...C2D, Drives (Optical and HDD's) :D

    Apr 14, 04:03 AM
    Im leaning towards Mac Apps.

    Firstly the place holder has the word 'Mac' in it.

    Additionally both examples are SSH Apps.

    Apr 25, 11:29 AM
    What about a screen bigger than 21.5" but less than 27"?

    Skint at the moment but exactly the above.

    I was looking at the 24" and held off for the update when they did the 21.5 and 27.

    21.5 is too small for me really and 27 is too big.... 24 would have been the ideal size really so I held off and in the end didn't bother.

    Will probably get a 24" monitor and a henge dock or maybe a mac mini instead

    Oct 24, 08:04 AM
    Slightly off-topic: does anyone have an opinion on getting software (in this case logic express) preinstalled? Is there any benefit or would it be better to just buy the app seperately?

    The only benefit it gets you is the time savings of not having to install it yourself - and of being able to jump right in and use it when you get the machine.

    Mar 16, 12:43 AM
    Anyone hittin' up Southcoast? My schedule is pretty open so I'm thinking of spending my morning there.

    May 3, 09:13 AM
    Am I wrong?:confused:

    we have to wait until ifixit teardown.

    are these low power CPUs are standard CPUs under clocked.

    anyway apple is using >$175 CPUs in all the iMac, just a variety in each model ...