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youngest father in world

youngest father in world. Father: Organs of youngest
  • Father: Organs of youngest

  • ryan
    05-13 08:59 AM
    Hello -- How long does it usually take to get access to the donor forum? I've signed up for recurring contributions to the effort via Paypal yesterday and wondering when i'll be able to get access. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but just curious..

    Admins -- I'd like to know as well please. I signed up for recurring contributions, send through a few emails to the admins. No response yet. Appreciate the access. Thanks

    youngest father in world. US boy, 13, youngest to climb
  • US boy, 13, youngest to climb

  • rajubuthi
    08-17 11:41 AM
    My I-140 got denied based on my Education.

    I have 3 yrs + PG Diploma which is equivalent to US Degree according to my education evaluation.

    - 6 yrs of OUTSIDE USA experience
    - 5 yrs of USA experience including 2 yrs of experience with current company.
    - I am working as FULL time with an American Company at present

    The JOB Description for PERM was:

    "Bachelor�s degree in Computer Science plus 5 years experience; 3 year Bachelor�s degree plus 2 year post-graduate diploma in Software Engineering and 5 years experience acceptable. "

    Gurus, please help me providing some info, if there is any chance of getting it approved if I file a Motion.. or what should I do next?

    Since it was denied on Aug 4th this month, I have 30 days to reopen this case..

    Please advise me..

    Thanks in advance..


    youngest father in world. The Worlds Youngest Mother
  • The Worlds Youngest Mother

  • roseball
    03-20 06:33 PM
    Well, if you go according to the Lawyer of this forum with which guys had a conference call (you can hear the recording thats on the home page of this site)

    Then its advisable to apply in EB3 category and her reasoning was that with her experience she has seen lots of EB2 application in the past few years and very less EB3 apps and hence chances of EB3 being processed earlier than EB2 are quiet high.

    Also, consider the job satisfaction/career growth you will get by taking up this new job which you said is better than your current one.....Keeping in view the current trend, it will be atleast 5-6 yrs for Eb-2 to come to Oct 2007....Ask yourself if you want to be doing what you are doing right now for that long......I would move on.....

    youngest father in world. The youngest are all schooled
  • The youngest are all schooled

  • WaitingYaar
    06-27 01:03 PM
    I-140 approval with 6/06 as PD for EB2. But the notice says that the information submitted with the petition shows that the individual may not be be eligible to file for AOS at this time. Additional information about eligibility may be obtained from local INS office?? Is this how the approval should state


    youngest father in world. Our youngest guest with his
  • Our youngest guest with his

  • newon
    07-21 09:57 PM

    I have a couple of questions here:

    1) The last digit of the I-94# number is not very clear(Not sure if it is a 3 or 8). What do I write in the 485? Is there any way to find the correct one?

    2) I filed the I140 without providing the A#. I understand that when I dont provide one, a new one is generated. And the A# is usually used to link the 485 with the 140. Now when I apply for 485, if I give the A# from my OPT EAD, will it be a problem because a new number will be already generated for I140? Should I write the A# in 485 or just leave it??

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.

    youngest father in world. The father of Christina Green,
  • The father of Christina Green,

  • lj_rr
    07-30 10:24 AM
    This is what the FAQ says

    "Q5: Where should employment-based adjustment applications be filed?
    A5. Forms I-485 may be filed at either the Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center in accordance with the Direct Filing Update issued June 21, 2007."

    Though it says Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center there is also an additional clause "Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center in accordance with the Direct Filing Update issued June 21, 2007". ANd according to that update CA residents should file at Nebraska.
    This is what is confusing me.

    Please see Q5 & Q6:


    Also FAQ2 for your reference:



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  • Husain#39;s youngest son on his

  • akhilmahajan
    09-14 06:59 AM
    To the brave and fighting. People lets give them a hand of applause.

    youngest father in world. be Britain#39;s youngest dad,
  • be Britain#39;s youngest dad,

  • Raj Iyer
    09-23 03:58 PM
    You need an I-140 approval notice. If not, type in the receipt no on USCIS website and obtain the status update which will state that the petition is approved, and see if they accept it. I can't guarantee that that they will accept it., but I have used it in the past in another scenario (MTR) and they have accepted it.


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  • Her father is an ambassador of

  • whiteStallion
    01-20 02:24 PM
    Great looking site ! Kudos to all those who made this happen over the past few days ! Way 2 go...

    youngest father in world. the father of 5 Brandi,
  • the father of 5 Brandi,

  • laborchic
    09-09 12:49 PM
    These references are from the statement made on 24th June 2009. Nothing after that !!!!!!!!!!


    youngest father in world. For his youngest of theory,
  • For his youngest of theory,

  • roseball
    08-26 04:54 PM

    I looking for porting my approved EB3 labor and 140 to EB2. Here are my details:

    My qualification: Diploma in electronics and communication Engg in India
    (3 years diploma after 10th)

    Years of experience: Since 1991 in IT (About 20 YRs)

    Green card process: EB3 Approved labor and 140.

    Situation: When I contacted one of the university in USA they informed me that I can
    do the Masters instead of BS online degree.

    My question1: Will I be eligible to file my EB2 if I do Masters without doing BS?

    My question 2: Is MS from International Technological University (http://www.ITU.EDU) is accepted bu USCIS for Immigration purpose?

    Thanks in advance

    AFAIK, if the MS degree is from an US accredited institution and your new EB-2 job requires a MS degree, then yes, your new employer can start the EB-2 process for you. Once you have a US Masters, it doesn't matter what your earlier educational qualifications are. Key thing here is that your EB-2 job MUST require a Masters degree.

    youngest father in world. His father was a caricature
  • His father was a caricature

  • Sri_
    11-09 06:48 PM
    My check was cashed on 08/31. Based on the receipt numbers on the back of the check, online status shows that receipts were mailed on 08/31, but I haven't received till date. On 10/01, I called customer service and made them create service request. No progress so far. I am planning to call sometime next week and find the status of the service request.

    Is anyone in the similar situation of not receiving the receipts even after check has cashed way back.



    youngest father in world. Elaina Smith: World#39;s Youngest
  • Elaina Smith: World#39;s Youngest

  • Anders �stberg
    January 6th, 2004, 01:00 PM
    Ya thats what I was saying. Sorry if I was not clear, cold medicine blurs you clarity! Hope this idea helps a touch!

    BTW, looks like your really enjoying the 100-400L!


    Thanks for the tip, I'm going to experiment. It's good to have a bunch of different tools and techniques, not all images behave the same in Photoshop.

    I am beginning to really like the 100-400, as was a bit worried as the first few images were not good at all, but as I learn how to use it I see it's all my fault. :)

    http://www.nevac.nl/flensjes/images/smilies/cold.gif Get well soon! ;)


    Part-time MBA - useful for H1-B contractor ? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Part-time MBA - useful for H1-B contractor ?

    youngest father in world. Her father, has his own tattoo
  • Her father, has his own tattoo

  • Bush
    07-22 11:09 AM
    By Mistake.I said yes.


    youngest father in world. Ryan#39;s youngest daughter
  • Ryan#39;s youngest daughter

  • ajay
    04-11 03:17 PM
    Check this link:

    youngest father in world. words dvd the youngest
  • words dvd the youngest

  • Winner
    06-08 11:46 AM
    how about contributing to IV? When ppl here dont pay $10 for IV...will they $1 or $2 Million for Saturn....Do you think so????

    How about "Leading By Example"? Would you consider becoming a donor?

    Anyways, I do see your point..


    youngest father in world. Youngest son of Shah of Iran
  • Youngest son of Shah of Iran

  • supender
    12-28 07:55 AM

    youngest father in world. The youngest son of a
  • The youngest son of a

  • garfield_x
    03-05 01:53 PM
    eb3retro, As you may have noticed, this was my first post ever. So I am not aware of what rules you guys have been trying to enforce on this forum. However I like to have my privacy and refuse to share any info that is not pertinent or until I feel comfortable enough. so long .....

    youngest father in world. Born the youngest of four boys
  • Born the youngest of four boys

  • amitga
    10-21 04:14 PM
    Reviewed by whom? Its not going anywhere.

    04-18 01:15 PM

    No need to worry if your employer is consulting company. If so, then in reply to USICS mention that you are employed by employer, but works/worked on different client sites for them which are in different states.

    Keep all your previous LCA ready or better attach copies of all with your reply. Not a big deal.

    I think its not a difficult RFE to respond. Consult your attorney for formal reply.

    @waitingmygc - What you are saying is plain garbage. The OP has all the more reasons to worry if his employer is a consulting company. These firms send their consultants to various client locations, but don't file for LCAs each time.

    @OP - It is very strange to see USCIS is going back to see if any LCA violation occurred at this stage of your application. You will need a good attorney on your side. Good luck!

    05-22 12:05 PM
    My Employer is not paying me salary even I am on Project.
    can any one please tell me that how to report to DOL about this company.


    You will have to file the WH-4 form to DOL. Please do the search in this forum/internet as this has been discussed many many times.

    USCIS is cracking down on employers. Whether you are on project or not. Doesn't matter. Employer has to pay you or lay you off and provide ticket back home.
    Once you file WH-4, ball is in the court of USCIS/DOL/Employer for unpaid wages.