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  • singhsa3
    03-15 07:50 AM
    Yeah, now I got it...

    We should all resort to farming now !!!!

    Hey check this prediction out.


    I think it is like a orchard of mangoes miles long. The riped mangoes are plucked and the farmer moves on to the next tree. He has to walk up and down the whole stretch every month in the second week to determine what's ripe and what's not. He then comes back with his helpers with baskets . There might be some accidental drops of ripe mangoes which get lost for a while :) Just my analogy of EB immigration .

    Correct me if I am wrong...

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  • Hermione
    10-02 12:45 PM
    According to IRS you are citizen(Any one who stays more that 180 days and pays taxes in us is a citizen according to them). You can apply for student Loan as a citizen if you use this clause intelligently. This is how most students get credit cards. If you say you are on H1 to a credit card company they will never give you the card.

    Again this is only my opinion. I might be wrong.:)

    What you are talking about here is called 'Resident Alien' - the IRS definition of someone who pays taxes just like a citizen on a regular form 1040 (by the way, students are non-resident aliens and pay taxes on 1040NR). To open any financial account you must disclose if you are citizen/resident alien or non-resident alien, and yes some companies do not open accounts to non-resident aliens, but it is acutally up to companies where they draw the line - most credit card companies are glad to open accounts to foreign students (hey, it's a free country, you can't tell a company whom to lend the money and whom not, provided it's not taxpayer money).

    The kicker about the student loans is that there is special Federal financing available only for loans taken out by citizens and LPRs (Sally Mae and recent student loan scandal ring any bells? yes, these are loans). So, oups, no luck here without a green cards.

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  • techbuyer77
    06-20 07:09 PM
    nsc used to be slower than texas but now with the tsunami of applications on july 1st who knows

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  • yabadaba
    07-17 07:06 PM


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  • user1205
    08-13 11:48 AM
    Why "TSC is far better than NSC"?
    NSC sent receipts for some July 2nd already even though it received the bulk of the applications.

    Yes, I think the status is for individual applications only - as far as I know.

    If it goes with the same pace...then it may take very very long time to clear Jul 2nd - Aug 17th applications (receipt process)...unless they increse man power OR come-up with soem alternatives.....

    Anyway TSC is far betther than NSC....

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  • anurakt
    12-22 04:01 PM


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  • vivid_bharti
    06-19 04:42 PM
    You made a good point...US media highlights issues based on what it likes and presents it to the people the way they want it to be. US hates 'Ahmedinejad' so they are highighting the opponents..as if the opponent would have been any different for the US..US Media standards reached a new low with their double-standards in covering the Iranian election protests. Looks like US media wants to manipulate their citizens with one-sided information and only those news that media DECIDES are in the interest of the people.

    ...why all the hypocrisy, what for??

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  • rahul2699
    05-24 07:23 AM
    Thanks a lot I learned a lot here.

    if you've benefited from the forum, please think about participating IV efforts. This campaign is working hard towards bringing relief to the EB community so that we don't have to go through H-1B extension/transfer hassles.


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  • desidas
    02-01 12:06 PM
    Looking for a Good Attorney in Texas, please - thanks .

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  • vactorboy29
    05-14 04:59 PM

    Thanks, So what was your job requirement? Was that Bachelors?

    Can you tell me that which education evaluator you use for that? I might can refer my lawyer to him.

    I had my diploma in Mechanical engineering (3 - Years) and B.E. in mechanical engineering. My job requirements were Bachelor's Degree plus five years experience. I don�t remember evaluations agency name now but I will get that for you tomorrow.


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  • pragir
    09-18 10:23 PM
    We are in the same boat as you guys. Our lawyers said that the receipt date on the receipt notice is imp. The others can be ignored.

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  • gc28262
    02-09 01:00 PM
    Pardon my ignorance.

    What is op-ed ?


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  • geniousatwork
    09-01 03:49 PM
    Congratulations !!! GOOD LUCK to all the people awaiting approval notice.

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  • waitforgc1
    04-23 01:25 PM
    so if we change the address online.. do we need to verify the address by taking infopass
    appointment ??


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  • frostrated
    10-02 03:02 PM
    the two are separate as they belong to different countries. you can maintain both as long as you fulfill the requirements to keep both of the permits current.

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  • EndlessWait
    07-31 04:41 PM
    uuuhhh. I can atleast respond to the drink question! use your passport. that is valid proof of age. The law does not require everyone to have a drivers license. Driving is a privilage.......not a right. So, feel free to take your passport in as proof of age and enjoy the drinks :D

    Well your temporary license is as good as ur old license. Does it have your picture and DOB..if so then take that along..passport should be avoided as long as not necessary(to prevent it from getting lost).


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  • puskeygadha
    06-02 09:22 PM
    somehow they have to talk to DOL

    but one out of many attorneys may have screwed up..why is everyone
    being audited???

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  • CyberCucina
    02-09 04:26 PM
    The swarm creeps me out! I like Perlin circles.

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  • jayleno
    08-31 09:40 AM
    whaddoyammean by 90% of us? Speak for yourself. Who did the statistic anyway. stuckinretro is right to some extent atleast from my experience.

    06-26 04:30 PM
    IS Bill Passed?

    05-12 10:55 AM
    good, at-least we are seeing good number of approvals, All the best and good luck guys