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  • tinku01
    07-22 05:53 PM
    Hi Bluez good luck buddy. I think you are safe even dates become unavailable in coming month. My interview has been scheduled for Aug 26 at Delhi Consulate. Hey please update us with all the details and one more thing can you give me the format of PCC as I think you are also going to get it from local police station.

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  • pp2007
    11-15 11:14 AM
    which city in TN?

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  • GreenLantern
    04-14 05:50 AM
    The problem with that is, that most peple who play online games know what's going on with web design, and want a really really good site really really cheap.

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  • RNGC
    02-04 10:15 PM
    I know about the "same or similar" clause in AC21. How many of you have got a RFE/Problems based on just this clause alone ?

    Also, If you filed labor 3 years ago for software programmer, in 3 years, you could have become a system analyst, DBA or system Architect etc etc, So, how does "same or similar" matter here ?

    Also, It will be helpful if we have a forum category "AC21", Admin, please consider this.

    Thanks for all your inputs.


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  • dante1271
    08-26 12:58 PM
    My H1B extension was filed just one day before my I-485 was sent to NSC last July. I was able to get 3 years extension ...my company paid for premium processing though... I think you should be ok with filing the extension. Talk to your lawyer...
    This is not correct. you can apply for 1 year extensions if you have applied for 485 and is pending.

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  • jliechty
    February 14th, 2005, 12:20 PM
    I just bought a new D70 and was interested in getting some advise from current owners about additional lenses and accessories.

    Was looking at buying a SB-800 flash. Is this the best option?
    The SB-800 is excellent, but a bit expensive. Worthwhile if you can afford it.
    How about additional lenses? I have an 18-70mm AF that came with the camera.

    I am looking for other nikkor lenses that are very handy to have, meaning won't sit in the bag most of the time.

    Any other advice or help would be much appreciated.

    What kind of photographs do you plan to take? Lenses for bird photography are going to be different than what's needed for macro, which will be different from what's needed for architecture or landscape.


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  • coopheal
    11-03 04:55 PM
    I am a regular contributor.

    reached $525 and doing $25 from last month onwards.

    Thanks nc14

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  • prince_waiting
    04-14 05:00 PM
    hi prince,
    regarding ur post, there is a correction.

    holding an Approval notice alone is NOT a valid reason to bypass the transit visa in germany.

    holding a valid visa or Adv parole is good . but not just an appr notice.


    The text which I have posted on this forum is directly out of the email I received from the German Embassy helpline.


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  • sreekanth
    10-02 11:36 AM
    This article is old (Dt:06-Sep-06) but has correctly predicted about SKILL bill going to lame-duck session.
    It would be great if our core members get in touch with the executive editors of Information week (All contact information listed in informationweek.com) and send a document representing our issues. There is a good chance that it gets printed.
    Information week magazine has a nationwide audience including CEO's who can push our case for lobbying. They have printed various articles in the past about HIB and Greencard issues.


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  • dummgelauft
    06-15 12:40 PM
    Dear Friends,
    Please advise me for the following relating to my birth certificate that I have to use for Immigration purposes.
    One or two alphabets of my name on birth certificate are different from my passport and secondary school. In addition, my family name is not included in the certificate. Rest of the information is all fine and matching with my passport and secondary school certificates( like DOB, Parents, Place etc)
    I have some questions
    1. Does the birth certificate issued by Indian consulate in foreign country is deemed acceptable?
    2. Do I need to furnish any kind of affidavit along with original birth certificate, if yes, please share the format for those, who is writing these affidavit and any specific stamp paper/value etc?
    3. Any guidelines in order to correct the information in my original certificate.
    4. Any other vital information in this regard

    Thanks you all.

    Hey, What you really mean is that one or two LETTERS in your name do not match your name on the passport. An ALPHABET is made up of ALL the letters in a languge. The neglish ALPHABET is made up of LETTERS from A to Z.


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  • rocky17105
    07-27 11:28 PM
    Hi All!

    Appreciate if you have any suggestion for my case:

    My case is regarding I-140 and I-485 being denied (Admin mistake at USCIS end) which were filed in July 2007 using substitution labor.

    USCIS denied my 140 application by saying that they received my 140 application on 18th July 2007 and the last date was 16th July 2007. The receive date on my 140 notice is 16th July 2007 so it is clearly a mistake at USCIS end, not sure from where they got 18th July 2010.

    My lawyer then filed the MTR/Appeal for 140 and USCIS sent the case to AAO. I am not sure even though the case was so strong why USCIS didn�t approve it in MTR and sent it for appeal. In I-290B form my lawyer selected the option of both MTR and Appeal. Lawyer also didn't file any appeal for 485, because as per him USCIS will automatically open I-485 once I-140 is opened or approved. So I-485 is still lying in denied state and hasn't been opened by USCIS.

    I am looking for if there is any way I can reopen my I-485 so that i can renew my EAD which is about to expire in few months. I dont think USCIS will renew the EAD if 485 is in denied stage.

    Also if my 485 is opened i can file 485/EAD for my wife too as my PD is current.

    Or if there is any other option I can get my 485 opened instead of waiting for AAO for 2 years to process my case.

    EB2 PD Date: Dec 2005.
    I-140 denied: 10 Dec 2009
    I-140 appealed: 05 Jan 2010
    I-140 sent to AAO: Feb 25 2010
    I-485 Denied: 31 Dec 2009
    I-485 appeal: none

    Appreciate your help and if you can point me in right direction.


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  • chanduv23
    09-16 01:17 AM
    Yes Everyone

    Bring Uncles And Aunts
    Bring Wife And Children
    Bring Cousins
    Bring Friends
    Bring Girlfriend/boyfriend

    We Need You All -

    Everyone To Dc


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  • sathishav
    02-24 08:54 AM
    Congrats Beautiful Mind. It is good to hear EB3 to EB2 porting. (Though I don't have plans to do it)

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  • Leo07
    11-29 06:51 PM
    Your's is a tricky situation.

    First gather all the documents you have and would be necessary to convince the consular...to prove yours is a minor offence and done with out much knowledge of the system... blah blah blah...

    Secondly, find out how long the offence will stay in your record...no clue what you did and don't want to know either.

    Third, weigh your options...and take a risk if you should.

    I am an F1 grad student - I was planning on going home this winter, and while there I would have to renew my visa so as to be able to re-enter the US.

    However, while filling out the forms to set up an appointment for the renewal interview, I remembered that I had a misdemeanor conviction (I pled guilty) for bad checks (this was a very long time ago, about 6 years - it was a bad time, I made some mistakes). When I say 'yes', on the DS-156 form, in response to the question regarding criminal convictions, how likely is it that I will have my visa renewed? Isn't is usually the case that consular officers are looking for any reason to deny visas/renewals?

    It seems like my only option is to postpone/cancel my trip, if I want to be able to come back to complete my studies.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • vnanjunda
    07-16 12:27 PM
    No Problems at Dullas Airport, I weant to india twice with AP they never asked about my employer.

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  • senk1s
    06-19 12:05 PM
    A quick question:
    I just have the FRONT side copy of the EAD stored.
    Why do we need the BACK side of the copy?

    Responses will be appreciated.

    It is mentioned specifically in the 765 instructions ... see on Pg 6



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  • sundarpn
    04-30 07:05 PM
    You can change via H1-b transfer and H4 will be valid. You 485 should be valid due to AC 21.

    Now, the question is when dates do become current, and you want to file a dependent 485, will any support be needed from your old employer with whom you started your GC process?

    Can the primay file this himself with just his 485 receipts.

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  • Asian
    07-19 09:39 AM
    Well, some people think it is of no use trying to predict anything. I have a slightly different opinion. If I had known this kind of thing could happen to me eight years ago (or at least five years ago), I definitely have chosen a different path. The same thing applies to now. If I could have a glimpse of five years from now, I might choose a different path.

    Predictions work if it is based upon reasonable data and calculations. I think it would be actually humane of USIC if it could supply more statistical data about the number of applicants they are getting and the rate they are processing or even the projection of cut off dates for next two years. Of course we will not blame them if it deviates. They can simply say it is subject to change to avoid any legal complications. They are the organization that has most information after all. I think it is something we can suggest to law makers, too. Nobody likes surprises anymore in modern life. The more we can see the future, the better decision we can make and the less time we lose in vain.

    I am not saying we can be negligent for necessary law changes but we have to think of various scenarios with probabilities.

    I am also thinking IV core members may have a better statistical data from the members. These statistical data are actually very important if we use them well. ( I am not saying exposing private info.) The numbers talk louder than words. The same rule applies to law makers as well.

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  • eager_immi
    02-12 10:48 PM
    i think you can use experience from your OPT if you have any even if it is with the same company.

    02-09 09:54 AM
    You have to somehow prove to USCIS that company A and C are subsidiaries and mere mentioning that they have been owned by the same person may not fly. You need some kind of proof on paper.

    This may not fly because, both are considered different legal entities. The time that you have worked for A from Oct 05 to Aug 06 till the date H1B Transfer was filed from C to A, your employment will be considered unauthorized.

    You need to immediately contact a good lawyer to evaluate your situation and options. I am sure they will find a way out.

    Your case is slightly different than working for multiple employers while on H1B.

    You can have multiple H1B's and work for multiple employers, given one of them is primary full time employment. This is perfectly legal and one of my friend has gone through this situation during his GC process. He did get an RFE and provided the details of both employments to CIS and they eventually approved his case. This was in 2004 though.

    07-10 09:43 PM
    not nessasarly, mine and my friends las names starting with K and M, both are at NSC