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  • Fugu
    01-10 12:12 PM
    Hello, I just want some clarification please.

    My husband has a L1A (we came to the US on an L1B which was converted to an L1A after 4.5 years). The current visa runs out June 2011, that will be our 7 years. We have decided to move forward with a Green Card. However, this morning we received a email from his HR saying they have checked with an immigration guru and they have said that we have to leave the US for 1 year (to re-enter as an L1A again) as we have L1A status and not H1B status, (if we had H1B status they could move forward with the GC). They also said, they can however start the GC process whilst we are out of the country but it will take from 6 -8 years. Do we have to leave the US for a year or can we convert an L1A to a GC.

    Also if we did not get a green card before June 2011 (visa expiration) would we have to leave the US or could we stay awaiting the GC processing.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • nousername
    11-11 07:05 PM
    1. Logically HUD document should work but again we are talking about Indian government so not sure. Insurance document might not work and I'm almost certain about it.

    2. Notarizing: If the website says "Photocopy of all supporting documents including Photo should be notarized and attached to the application" then yes..

    Not sure where you live but if it is driving distance then I suggest you go there.. Leave early and park on the north side of the street (it is free).

    Need advise from someone who renewed Indian passport by mail at the San Francisco Indian Consulate.

    My wife filled the application online and is ready to mail it, but there are questions regarding the supporting docs.
    1)Proof of Residence:CGISF website shows applicable docs as Driving license or PG&E, Water or landline telephone bill displaying applicant�s address or
    House Lease Agreement.
    However in my wife's case, her name is not on any of the utility bills mentioned above and her Driving license has the old address.
    Can we use the HUD-1 closing statement or home title as proof. Or can we use a insurance bill for this purpose? If not, please advise on other options.

    2)Notarizing:I understand photo copies of any docs that I sent needs to be notarized.
    Is there anything else that needs to be notarized?Your website says that "If applying by mail, Photocopy of all supporting documents including Photo should be notarized and attached to the application".
    Do I need to notarize both the photos from page 1 and page 4? Please clarify.

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  • hellomms
    05-27 03:29 PM
    Guys, I have added information in the original thread, please refer to the link below and add your questions, concerns or comments there.


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  • marty
    01-09 11:46 AM

    That's a good idea. I've already initiated the contact with the congressman for our area. Would keep the forum updated about how it goes.


    Thanks and I really appreciate it. No one knows whats happening to the processing times since the FY 2009 started. We really need to do something about it.


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  • GreenLantern
    06-15 08:30 PM
    PM please.

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  • bchauhan
    08-09 01:19 PM
    It is your passport number


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  • Seek_Gc
    09-09 07:47 PM
    if we are already using EAD from EB3 - 485 , are we still allowed to apply for another labor with EB2 ? and port the dates from EB3 while applying for EB2 - 140

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  • chantu
    01-15 11:16 AM
    I have one question that I will post here. I do not want to open a new thread.

    I am inviting my in-laws and I filled their DS156 forms online. After filling everything, it generated the pdf file of DS156. In that pdf file, there is one section in upper right hand corner called "DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE". Under that section there is a line (fill in the blanks type) starting with "On ______ by _____ under section 214(b) 221(g) ".

    Now after generating the pdf, the appointment date was automatically put into this section. Example: "On 01 January 2009 by ......".

    I am worried why they put the date there and the date was not there when I took appointment for my parents. I also checked my collegues parents DS156, and the date was still not there. It is Mumbai consulate.

    Can somebody please confirm if they had similar experience and they got their parent's or in-laws visa granted??



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  • boreal
    09-08 07:48 PM

    I like the way you implemeted the voting. But when my friend tried to vote he cannot see radio buttons to vote. Even I cannot see. Can you please check.

    Please implement PD and Dependents ASAP. Stick this link on main page so that we can refer easily to our friends.

    This will be sure a success down the line
    Another interesting thing to add would be the list of those who have applied in both EB2 and EB3..

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  • RajForGC
    06-07 04:09 PM
    I am in the same boat, I am support of the Immigrtion bill but I have already 2 labor and 2 140's , 2nd or last 140 is after May 15 , which I used to file 485. So I think this Bill or some of the Amd of the Bill will kill me somehow , rahter gettting GC with in Next 6 months , I have to wait till 2009. Hope this bill will rejected now and come up with Better one which will help every one then sending back home people who already have family and house in US.


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  • ragz4u
    02-03 01:36 PM
    It would be Much easier to know our material and then get an appointment. Say we get an appointment for an earlier date, and we're not ready, it's not going to look very professional. We'll probably have one shot at this, let's do it right.

    Look up the resource section. We have a brochure and a powerpoint presentation by Sunil Joshi which was even posted on the ILW website. The CA team of ImmigrationVoice have used these to great results

    The lobbying firm might provide us valuable inputs on these but at the same time, these are already in very good shape having gone through many rounds of critique by the core members.

    Again, this should not stop you from asking for appointments!

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  • Michael chertoff
    08-04 03:09 PM
    Someone gave me red for this post...i dont understant why???


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  • quizzer
    11-15 05:32 PM
    Lawyer received the I140 approval email filed on DEC 2006 yesterday. he has raised SR last month.

    But I havent received any mail from CRIS and the USCIS website doesnt show the approval as well till now.

    Has someone experienced like this before - lawyer getting it first and the uscis webisite took a long time to update if it did at all.

    Any comments pls?

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  • vin13
    12-11 04:36 PM
    Since the AP application is over 90 days pending, you may be eligible to discusss with the customer service. If you do not get good answer, you may be able to schedule an infopass.

    We found out at the Infopass that my wife's AP application had been approved 2 months ago. But online system still shows as pending but just got a soft LUD on the date it was approved. So you never know what you may find out.

    But not sure if they would give out information to the applicant's spouse


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    07-19 08:43 AM
    Hi Leoindiano:

    What is meant by Pre-Adjudication and how do we know that, our case is Pre-Adjudicated. Sorry to ask you this qn. specifically, as I amnot seeing any LUDs on my case, and my para-legal says, dont worry.

    my case details are PD10/05 EB2 I, RD 07/02/07 and ND 08/30/07 at TSC.

    Can you enlighten us little bit more.

    From , it appears that most people got their GC's without any LUD's. May be most cases are preadjucated and there will be only one final status change.

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  • murugesh.naidu@gmail.com
    09-02 11:35 AM
    One of my ex-colleagues got his GC approved out of turn last year itself. He was EB3 - PD November 2005. They approved it for him, his wife and his two kids! He is a big devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I think he certainly got his blessings on this one..!


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  • meridiani.planum
    12-05 02:16 PM
    Noticed this article today. Thought some of us would love to roll your eyes over it.



    with the job loss report announced this morning (over 500k lost last month, and 1.9million lost overall) its unlikely this will come through. Too hot button an issue. Even if teh quota is increased, like in 2002/2003 its unlikely it will be filled.

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  • roseball
    01-06 10:27 PM
    Has anyone claimed unemployment benefits in EAD in TX state after being laid off? Can you please tell whats the procedure. I do not want to get into the debate of whether UB can be claimed while in AOS state? I just need to know the procedure. Thanks.

    Yes, one of my colleagues in Dallas applied as he was unemployed for more than 8 months before he landed another job. However, the reason he applied is he was ok with having to go back to his home country incase of any complications. He is still is US and is happily employed.....This doesn't mean someone wont run into trouble by applying for benefits while in AOS.....Just sharing what I know....

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  • tweetyforlife
    05-06 06:27 PM
    newyorker123, what happened to your interview/ I am facing possible PIMS delay and would love to hear from your experience

    krishmunn, I don't quite understand the $8 that you are talking about appointments in Mexico. I checked it out and they are requiring to pay $150 for H1 appointments.

    03-04 11:44 AM
    So much for the Obama administration being good for Legal EB immigrants :)

    03-07 06:36 AM
    it would be difficult to show how a french degree is useful in your current job. Many companies get h1-b approved by showing a "business necessity"..ie, they need travel agents who speak a certain Indian language etc. Doing an MBA definitely will help, but not with the current job description. They are going to ask why the job requires an MBA?Ofcourse if you got a job teaching French, h1-b visa will be granted.