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  • aegisdesign
    Oct 16, 07:09 PM
    Of course it's due soon....

    .... my Sony Ericsson P990i arrives Thursday so Apple are bound to come out with an iPhone now I've bought a new phone.

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 16, 11:42 PM
    $3.49 Cedar City, Utah (Unleaded)

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  • hailst0rm
    Jan 6, 04:02 PM
    Oh, if only we could all be so popular.

    You obviously haven't been introduced to the evils of farmville and similar facebook apps.

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  • iGary
    Sep 14, 08:42 PM
    If I'm awake...OMG!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:


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  • EightmanVT
    Apr 13, 10:53 PM
    I was planning to have guns blazing indiscriminately but I guess I can silently hover if that's the game plan :mad:

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  • surf2snow1
    Mar 24, 04:40 PM
    Just picked one up in Norwalk CT - they had plenty in stock and the sales person didn't realize the markdown until I mentioned it. Great deal. They tried to sell me a ton of services, but you don't have to... $317 out the door.:)
    I think I was asked 3 times if I wanted MiFi, oh well, $329 OTD here in AZ.


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  • twoodcc
    Feb 21, 02:54 PM
    You're right,
    It doesn't work for me either.

    I haven't looked at this for ages, extremeoverclocking probably changed their xml design. I'll see what I can do, but I can't promisse you a fast solution. My daughter and studies take up most of my time right now.

    I'll post a working version in this thread, when I come to it. If you'd like to take over development however, feel free to do so.

    Thanks for trying the widget :)

    thanks. yeah i know this is an old topic, but i'm new to folding, and some people still have this linked in their sigs (that's how i found it)

    as much as i'd love to work on this, i'm still new to programming as well. taking a java class now. so i don't think i would get much done.

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  • parenthesis
    Oct 26, 03:36 PM
    I loved Cool Edit back in the day (when it wasn't an Adobe property). I might have to check this out.


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  • Graeme A
    Oct 26, 08:44 PM
    for any people having to use windows xp.

    IE6 - it works
    FF2 - forget it...

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  • mrblack927
    Apr 21, 04:48 PM
    I think the next iPhone released would be called iPhone 5

    2007 - iPhone
    2008 - iPhone 3G (instead of calling it iPhone 2 they wanted to promote that it had 3G speed capabilities)
    2009 - iPhone 3GS (Want to call it iPhone 3, but used 3G, add S to avoid confusion
    2010 - iPhone 4 (4th version)
    2011 - iPhone 5

    Fair enough. Just for fun, here's what I think it will be:

    2007 - iPhone
    2008 - iPhone 3G (promote the 3G capabilities)
    2009 - iPhone 3GS (just a spec bump, so they give it the "S" designation)
    2010 - iPhone 4 (a major revamp- use "iPhone 4" as a strong name to emphasize a "new generation" for iPhone)
    2011 - iPhone 4S (just a spec bump, so they give it the "S" designation)
    2012 - iPhone 4G (promote the 4G capabilities)
    2013 - iPhone 7 (a major revamp- use "iPhone 7" as a strong name to emphasize a "new generation" for iPhone)

    ... and the cycle more or less repeats ;)


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  • Stella
    Apr 15, 08:41 AM
    Working at Microsoft is not a detriment to his career. It's a boon. I think you'd be hard pressed to find people who would refuse to work at the most successful software company in the world, except the most zealot-minded Apple fanboys, such as we have here. I understand why people downvote the story, but for goodness' sake, I'm fairly sure Apple's HR people know better than us. Give him a freaking break. He's going go to do a job 8000 times better than any random schmuck off the streets (or on these forums for that matter), and that's why he got it.

    Working at large, very successful companies isn't always the best. It depends where your priorities are. If you want a good life / work balance then Apple, Google etc ( as a software developer for example ) certainly wouldn't be a great move. However, you'd probably learn a lot by working there too. It would of course look great on your resume.

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  • abhishekit
    Feb 16, 10:44 PM
    On Macs the whole application is contained in that application icon that you see. Most of the cases there are no support files, there would be one small preference file (about 4kb, to store your user settings for that app) in ~/library/preferences. You can delete that or keep it if you think you would download the same app again sometime.
    Sometimes, there would be an additional folder with the name of the app containing a small file (4 kb), in your ~/library/application support. So you can check there too.



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  • Etrain
    Mar 24, 09:38 PM
    Just bought a 32GB model. Best part - it came with iOS 3.2.2. Time to jailbreak!

    Just got mine fired up! Love it!

    Why would one jailbreak? What is the benefit? Just curious as I haven't updated yet. Thanks!

    I'm off to browse from the couch :)

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  • AidenShaw
    Apr 27, 10:27 AM
    Thanks Palter. Based on all your input, I booked my ticket on a 7 P.M. flight. Hopefully I can leave Moscone by 5 P.M. and make it. I assume it will take a bit longer than usual at that time of the day to get to San Francisco International Airport -SFO ( Google says half an hour with traffic )

    BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) runs to the airport - the closest station is under Market St at Powell, a couple of blocks from Moscone. No traffic worries.



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  • scotthayes
    Mar 18, 05:20 AM
    �1.30 per Litre, �5.91 per UK Gallon, $7.95 per US Gallon.

    It's a good job I enjoy cycling. :)

    Where did you find it at �1.30? I paid �1.39/l diesel yesterday in Stourbridge ($8.45 US gallon)

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  • DevinPitcher
    Mar 13, 09:56 AM
    Verizon iPhone - All is good.


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  • BornAgainMac
    Oct 26, 07:48 PM
    Just like the hotmail upgrade to their email interface. Anyways, I hope .Mac increases the iDisk space. 1 GB is too small.

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  • davidjearly
    Dec 21, 02:49 AM
    I sure hope this hasn't ruined davidjearly's christmas (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8423340.stm).

    Not at all. As I said, I have no inclination for either Joe or RATM, or most chart music in general to be honest. I just thought the 'campaign' was pathetic, and still do.

    It will be interesting to see what gets played more on the radio over the next week. I have a feeling it won't be RATM, which will indicate how pathetic and meaningless this whole 'campaign' has been. This is what I have been getting at all along. Someone will need to let me know though as I don't listen to the radio much either.

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  • stainlessliquid
    Apr 15, 10:27 AM
    is it just me or does this look like it was grabbed from a used car commercial?

    Apr 13, 02:26 PM
    Hi, I read the whole thread and just couldn't find the settings...


    Check the DNS settings in network setup in your computers, and in your router/modem. See what you have. Your ISP should have servers they recommend, try them. Or you can search the internet for other DNS servers, try some public ones out, like the aforementioned Google.

    If they are set fine in your router/modem, you can set your computers to nothing or to the IP of your router, which is usually something like

    I've seen computers (or modems) that end up with half a dozen DNS servers listed, maybe not even typed in properly, and it would sit and wait with a blank page for 5 seconds before loading any webpage. Cleaning up DNS with a good server usually drops that wait time.

    I also once had a similar problem to Popeye's, where I couldn't go to certain websites. I can't remember specifics, I think I replaced my Qwest DNS with Verizon's or something and it cleaned that up. That was many years ago, it's a little foggy.

    Mar 11, 09:59 AM
    Nearing 30 at University.

    Sep 1, 04:28 AM
    I'm hoping one of the super secret features is a completely reworked Finder. While I don't think it's a deal-breaker by any means, I have to agree with those who say that the Finder is generally sluggish in ways that it should not be. I have a Windows XP box on my desk next to my G5 and XP's windows and menus are lightning fast and immediately responsive. Further, icons and file lists are pulled up instantaneously. With the Finder on the G5, there's always that little pause or the list of files take a second or two to show up or icons take a while to load. There's no reason Apple shouldn't be equal to or better than XP's interface, but it's not. It's the one area where Apple hasn't quite nailed it.

    Still, I would take OS X over XP any day, but it sure would be good news to me to hear a fully revamped Finder with all these slowdowns ironed out.

    Jun 19, 02:24 PM
    How long you have been using the iphone.

    Mar 11, 07:55 PM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    They ran out fast at Brst Buy Flower Mound. I wanted 32g wifi and all they had was 16g white. I left empty-handed.