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  • mjstew33
    Dec 25, 09:28 PM
    If anything, it's probably a good thing. No worries. :)

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  • nevcrabbe
    Oct 18, 10:59 PM
    ... but in Northampton MA in body, and awaiting 10.5.1 (1?) from Amazon for $109 (=�3 at today's rates).

    Time Machine will always be Tardis to me.....

    Go England (Sarth Efrica indeed....)


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  • Mmarzex
    Sep 5, 11:27 PM

    Could I please have a link for that.

    Here is mine.
    http://cl.ly/339905165707a94aa406/content (http://cl.ly/339905165707a94aa406)

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  • macsaregoodmkay
    Apr 27, 06:04 PM
    We need finer control over location. All we get to decide is yes or no. We should be able to decide what an app is going to do with the info.

    Example: I'd like my maps app to use my location ONLY to tell me where i am. NOT share my location.

    These broad agreement terms are the reason i have never installed an application on facebook. the terms are like "allow this application to access all your files, post to your friends walls, share your info, access your friends' info, etc. By clicking agree, you are allowing it to become your new spam bot.

    In this new era, clicking agree should not be legally binding. Every time I want to update safari or itunes or install any new program I need to read 120 pages of legal speak? I'd have to hire a lawyer full time for years to get thru it all. I challenge anyone to read and understand every agreement in every app on your computer. For all we know there is a clause in there that says they own your firstborn. This is not directed at apple, this applies to all companies and developers.


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  • reggoboy
    Apr 8, 08:41 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Good one about the pita bites :-)

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  • jaj1962
    Feb 9, 12:17 PM
    If you change your plan, you WILL lose any rollover minutes you have accumulated over the past year. Remember too that rollover minutes are only good for a year. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


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  • maclaptop
    Apr 26, 08:28 AM
    why even bother coming out with a white iphone for this year? Does anyone really care anymore?

    They blew it so bad, it should be brown :)

    Poor suckers can't cut it.

    Flippin rotten Apple con job.

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  • zen.state
    Apr 20, 12:11 PM
    Its only BBC iPlayer and TVcatchup.com. Youtube is better but still glitchy

    For iPlayer use iPlayer Grabber (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/29604/iplayer-grabber) which will allow you to directly download the streams that you can later delete. Once you have the file on your drive use the G4 optimized Mplayer I created this (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1129727&highlight=) thread to share. Be sure to set the Mplayer preferences the way I show there for best results.

    I will look into a tvcatchup solution. Does it use flash? If so then Firefox with the FlashGot extension should do the trick to download them and then use Mplayer like the iPlayer videos.

    As for youtube I am shocked you have not heard of Mactubes (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/28608/mactubes). Simply set the player setting in preferences to Quicktime and it will play youtube without even breaking a sweat. The fact that there is no need to go to the site or download the videos first makes it practical and also makes a new user experience without the ads and comments. You can see comments in video info though.


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  • Doctor Q
    May 2, 05:11 PM
    Platelet donations take longer than blood donations (at least an hour longer in most cases). You can donate platelets much more often because your body regenerates them so quickly, in a matter of days instead of months. Some people feel temporarily light-headed after donating blood, which is why they insist that you rest and have a snack afterwards. That happens less often with platelet donations.

    One thing I didn't know until recently: A lot of donation centers encourage platelet donation because platelets have a shorter shelf life than whole blood and supplies can easily run low. But if your blood type is O negative (you're a "universal donor") and you volunteer to donate platelets, they'll likely ask you to donate blood instead!

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  • GoKyu
    Apr 1, 09:42 PM
    I don't make a living with Photoshop, but it is a pretty serious side activity of mine, and as I said before, for what it is, Photogene is perfectly adequate for the general iPad user.

    Unless they can add color profiles, different colorspaces other than RGB (LAB, CMYK, et al.), Photoshop for professional use will never get off the ground on a device like this.

    Not to say you should be able to do a complete workflow from import to print on a tablet device, which, at least for now, seems completely unrealistic -- but I would think pros need to be able to import, see colors in a reasonable approximation for proofing or showing to clients, and maybe make spot edits based on client feedback.

    I honestly wasn't too thrilled with Photoshop Express, which is why when I saw Photogene, I was immediately impressed with is features.


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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 16, 01:54 PM
    I suppose if you have nothing intelligent to add, but feel unable to remain silent, the next best thing is to indulge in a bit of good 'ol-fashioned baiting.

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  • PharmDoc
    Apr 25, 12:09 AM
    How many people here would change their mind if the white one was released with upgraded specs (A5 chip)? I'll probably end up getting one for my wife because she's wanted one since launch.


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  • Mord
    Sep 24, 07:13 PM
    i dont get parents that dont want their kids to have sex... just does not compute, your son is 18 he can do what he wants.

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  • Deepdale
    Dec 19, 05:12 AM
    Some film negatives, apple style.

    I'd be more positive toward your negatives if there was a bucket of popcorn included. :)


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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 15, 08:31 PM
    Sorry, as a new member, you do not have enough posts to use our Marketplace, where you can ask to buy/sell/trade/give/get Mac items.

    Please review our FAQ (in the toolbar above) and join in the various discussions in our forums. You'll make friends and get a lot of good information (and interesting opinions).

    If you came to MacRumors only hoping to get a free computer, I'm sorry but we can't help you.

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  • Patdt13
    Sep 10, 06:58 PM
    Football season!!!



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  • wywern209
    Apr 1, 11:15 PM
    I wish Apple would make cheaper computers. I'm stuck with a $299 Hackintosh.
    For the life of me, I cannot afford tuition and a $999 Macbook.

    get a previous yr macbook(pro). cheaper and probably as fast for your needs.

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  • Rojo
    Oct 9, 05:23 PM
    It's pretty darn sexy. I'm loving it so far!!

    But....is there really no way to lock portrait viewing so it doesn't go into landscape mode every time you turn it? If so...boo!!

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  • rprebel
    Feb 4, 05:30 PM
    Mike do you know of a site I could upload the file?

    Just upload it as an attachment. Click Reply, go to Additional Options and then Attach Files, and then click Manage Attachments. A small window will pop up. Click Browse, and find your pic. Upload it, Submit Reply and you're done.

    Nice pic, btw.

    Mar 25, 11:04 AM
    I think google has a lock on the map thing. I can't see apple employees driving around remapping the world to get their own data base

    Why not? The USA for example has only 4 million miles of roads. A car with driver + passenger + some decent equipment should be able to map say 10 miles per hour, at a cost of $50 per hour. 200 cars for a year, that's 20 million dollars. And then you have a database that you can sell, and that you can use everywhere. Then write an iPhone app that lets users make corrections, lets businesses add their locations etc. and you are ready.

    Mar 25, 10:51 AM
    Yeah- this looks to be a bummer for us folks with iOS devices. Apple will have to devote a bunch of resources just to bring their own maps implementation to be as good as google's, the better version on android not withstanding. As someone else pointed out, apple will still need to get maps from somewhere, no matter how good their implementation.

    Apr 18, 06:23 AM
    Break it!? More like make it.

    I love life in the melting pot, it's the one thing I really miss about living in London, there's just a degree of culture clash that you don't get outside of the capital.

    I'm in London now and enjoying the mix of people. Nothing wrong with immigration and other people, "culture" isn't something that must be rigidly protected.

    Dec 31, 04:19 PM
    A tarantula and a Tripp jacket :D

    May 5, 03:43 AM
    You've copied some apps of her itunes account onto your ipad, either buy them again on your own account, delete them, or live with it.