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  • sartis
    Apr 12, 02:17 PM
    It seems snappier!


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  • hulugu
    Apr 3, 11:33 PM
    If you're taking income into consideration, you also have to input cost of living. And I'm not sure what misconceptions you're referring to. Aren't we in agreement that California has a big budget problem and one of the highest tax rates?

    However, both the OP and citizenzen's posts show that lowering a state's tax rate doesn't guarantee either high-income for its citizens or create high tax receipts.

    This is a common refrain from conservatives who will often reference the Laffer Curve and will argue that if only a state lowered its taxes, more money would become available.

    I'm self-employed, so my location doesn't effect my income. I'm just mainly going to live on the road anyway.

    You understand that you're probably unique in your circumstances.

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 31, 04:52 PM
    This seems to be the demo title - is that because it's mearly a 3D version of Pilot Wings 64?

    Seems to be the same as the N64 version when I was doing Free Flight on the Island.

    Want to see what Starfox is like, though I heard it's also the same as the N64...

    It's actually more of an extended version of the Wii Resort's flight game. Same exact island. Everything looks and feels the same.

    The 3DS feels like a portable Wii.

    I liked Star Fox 64, but I nope it's a new game.

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  • likemyorbs
    May 3, 10:55 AM
    I blame you Americans. Too much Housewives of Nebraska and The Apprentice.

    There's a Housewives of Nebraska??? Sounds interesting, do they keep their trailers clean? :D


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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 10, 07:53 AM
    OK I'm doing the Macs category, Pre G3 Macs have a separate category, as do the PowerMac G4 models as there are so many articles on them.

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  • kirk26
    Apr 5, 11:08 AM
    Oh no! I looks like an iPod Touch! Down vote!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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  • diogenis
    Jan 5, 12:44 AM
    I don't get what's the problem with Garmin's view. Garmin decided to go live and have upto date maps and traffic alert. I can imagine they also have some sort of cash so you only have to d/l the map once and then it lives in your iphone. It also has an amazingly small footprint - weighs in at only 8mb and this is another cool feature of the program!

    Besides, none said you cant have garmin for live updates and news + navigon or tomtom as a standalone gps.
    I like Garmin's approach, wish they make it for Europe as well

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  • kalisphoenix
    Oct 26, 03:46 PM
    What utter crap.

    Screw Adobe.


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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Feb 24, 11:21 AM
    What a colossal waste of Taxpayer money.

    How about parents get off their lazy ass and actually parent vs shoving a gadget in their kids hands to baby sit em.

    What a joke.

    What about regulations to protect the consumer from those that find loop holes to make big bucks....

    Parents need to do their part, but government needs to try to protect from the greed that that brought us to the mess we are in today....

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  • Azathoth
    Mar 25, 10:21 AM
    They did not avoid digital at all, in fact they were an early entrant to digital. The problem was that they were used to having a lucrative near-monopoly in film, a fat side business in film processing and a nice low-end camera business built around proprietary "connvenience" film packaging. They were now facing aggressive consumer electronics companies who were used to relently feature upgrades and short model lifecycles. Moreover, they could not rely on their film dominance to keep competitors at a disadvantage. In other words, they had to change their business model completely-- from near monopoly to completely competitive-- in order to success in the new business. Only a fraction of companies manage to do this successfully.

    Keep in mind, also, due to the increased competition and lack of a film component, that the opportunity for Kodak in digital was much smaller than their film and related businesses. It's very hard to manage a shrinking company, and even harder if you are also trying to reinvent yourself.

    Not only that - but the fact that there is no film in a digital camera - Kodak is a "film emulsion" company. Professionals never bought Kodak cameras or lenses. There is no "film" in a digital camera. The most natural progression would have been for Kodak to make memory cards.

    Most of the R&D (and they did some great R&D in chemistry, materials and human image perception) were fundementally irrelevant to digital.

    The changes that Kodak would have needed to be relevant were so huge (fire 90% of staff, change the entire core business) that I don't think there was any way they could have been succesful.

    The successful camera companies today fall into one of two camps: 1. well established camera companies. 2. Consumer electronics companies.

    Afga (a film emulsion company): effectively dead.

    Fuji: very limited success (though they almost had their head above water for a while).


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  • floatingspirit
    May 1, 07:37 PM
    I ordered mines online at around 12 am. I wonder if there's any chance the beta key is going to come this weekend...

    Ditto. I havent' gotten a key yet... bummer.

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  • SwiftLives
    Apr 10, 10:36 AM
    There a consequences to actions, people should learn this

    Again - are you suggesting a child is nothing more than a "consequence"?


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  • Michael383
    Apr 26, 01:30 AM
    What I'd like to see is a 15" MBA.

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  • JasonR
    Nov 17, 04:52 PM
    sorry, but I will never put a case on my iPhone. It was made to look sexy as it is, naked.

    Cases just ruin it.

    I think the iPhone 4 looks great without a case....but it drops calls without the damn bumper!


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  • JasperJanssen
    May 1, 04:35 PM
    Hmm... Plastic parts from China. He probably pays $5 max for each kit. Very good profit I would say.

    They are neither plastic, nor remotely that cheap. The Home button is a single piece of plastic and thus pretty well meaningless (although still a complex mold with multiple colours of plastic), but the rear plate is a large piece of plastic with metal molded in, a substantial piece of glass which is printed and painted, and has a hole in it, and then there's the metal foil backing, the glass camera lens with its metal trim, the flash led diffuser, and some other bits and pieces. Whole thing considered, it's no wonder they sell for around $10 ish.

    The front is a whole other kettle of fish. Not only the piece of painted glass with some holes in, but also a digitiser and a very-high-res LCD glued on. These still sell for around $70ish, even today, let alone when they were rare.

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  • John.B
    Mar 28, 04:43 PM
    You will, in fact, get two different Field of Views but the same Focal Length.
    ^^^^ This.


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  • Grimace
    Sep 19, 04:43 PM
    I unplugged everything and that made it work.

    Network Cable
    USB devices (3)
    Firewire400 (1)
    Firewire800 (1)

    I didn't think to unplug them one at a time to control for where the problem was. Oh well. If your drives comes out and snaps back in right away without updating the firmware. Remove all devices before rebooting.

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  • freeny
    Aug 14, 01:33 PM
    ...if you're selling soap.
    You are wrong.
    Proven by Apples rising market share.;)

    You cant keep saying that these ads are hurting apple if they keep selling more and more computers.
    It makes no sense.:confused:

    I dont find the Apple guy smug at all. I find him very confident and sure of himself.

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  • 80s Fan
    Jan 7, 03:29 PM
    Is there a way to specify which comments you get push notifications for? I'm interested in get pn for comments my updates but not really interested in getting pn for my friends status update which I comment on. E-mails are fine for those.

    Anyone know? Thanks.

    Sep 27, 09:18 AM
    Any Rosetta improvements are definitely welcome!

    yes they are

    and i also like updates :cool:

    Mar 24, 09:20 PM
    I just bought a 16gb here in San Antonio a few hours ago. My first iPad and I absolutely love it. However I just spotted a dead pixel. Guess I'll make a trip to the apple store tomorrow. They should be able to replace it, right?

    Apr 5, 12:17 PM
    This is the primary design flaw with the iPad. This tablet can't be the normal person's computer unless every normal person has a tech friend/relative to keep the tablet working/updated. So while Woz is correct that the tablet will be the normal person's computer, Apple's iPad is not yet that tablet.

    What iPad user can't figure out how to use iTunes to sync the thing? My 65-year old mother figured out how to sync her iPod classic. How is iPad syncing any different or more complicated than what people have been doing for a decade? iPad does not require a tech genius - or 12 year old kid - to keep it working.

    Nov 26, 11:08 PM


    Mar 4, 03:11 PM
    I went out to make use of the first bit of sunshine I've seen for ages:


    I like the idea a lot. Great interpretation. I agree with Dale that an older style watch might make it an even stronger shot. Something a bit more classic with mechanical movement...though I do appreciate the contrast between the sundail and digital. I also wonder how a rectangular crop would look that brought us in closer to the sundail and the watch.