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  • ivar
    04-29 04:35 PM
    Filing the application to port as seperate after the 140 is approved assures the attorney & the employer of of 2 things:
    1. The attorney gets more money for filing a seperate application.
    2. The employer gets to keep you tied down longer since its likely that the USCIS wont know what to do when a seperate application is filed just to port the date. Its not a documented procedure (that I am aware of) in that you have to file Form I-xxx or whatever.

    Best to port the PD at the time of filing the 140.

    Disclaimer: I am EB3 and I havent tried porting my date to EB2. Just using my basic common sense.


    I am still waiting for my PERM but i had talked to my attorney regarding porting of my old priority date he says i will have to wait till i get my new I-140 approved. I am not sure how should i convince him to file I-140 and priority porting application together once i get my PERM approval. I need some strong documentation to support my statement if he denies doing both together. I tried googling but yet to find some document related to this.

    Thank you.

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  • singhsa3
    10-28 08:59 PM
    To all the folks that attended the conference at YMCA Center in Woodbridge, NJ on Oct 28th,

    Thanks for participating . Please provide your feedback on the meeting i.e What you liked and what you didn't like. This will help us for the future meetings.

    Also please become more active and urge you friends and colleagues to become more active in NJ state chapter.

    Any suggestion on promoting our cause will be greatly appreciated:
    Some of the areas to think about are:
    a) How often we should hold such conferences?
    b) What other topics we should include. ( For example Financial planning for the community, given the uncertainity in the process)?
    c) In what way we together can help increase our number?
    d) etc...etc...

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  • vali
    11-14 11:53 AM
    I just received all the receipts for I-140/I-485/I765/I-131 from TSC.
    As some stupid questions:
    - I noticed a number above my name: A0xx xxx xxx. Is this an alien number?
    - If so please someone explain since I have my PD on 04/24/2001 I never noticed this number (I might be wrong). It is something good or bad or what this number mean?
    - Also, just to have an idea, after all are approved (hopefully without unexpected delays) how long until I have that plastic card GC in my hand?
    - any small clue will be greatly appreciated.

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  • jonty_11
    02-19 12:32 PM
    As per immigration-law.com..Senate may work on CIR in March 07 and hand it over to House by APril 07....House may however sit on it for years on end...

    02/18/2007: Need for Immigration Reform and Concerns with Growing Gridlock in Legislations in the Congress

    The Democrats launched a new Congress with aggressive platforms and legislative agenda on January 4, 2007. Madame Pelosi of the House set the first 100-hour legislative agenda and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid presented on the Senate floor ten legislative bills as top priority for the first few months of the Senate.
    However, immersed in the party politics, the Congress left the Hill yesterday, Saturday, for a week long break without achieving a lot because of the gridlock it had faced in the Congress. Samo, Samo Washington politics involving the Republicans and Democrats. It practically means that the Congress wll not resume the active legislative activities until March 2007.
    S. 9, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, adopted by the Senate floor, is in the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. The newly elected Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Leahy, reportedly set the CIR as one of the top agenda of the Judiciary Committee for March 2007 and the Democratic leaders reportedly determined to pass the CIR by April 2007 and quickly send it over to the House for its prompt action. How beautiful the agenda of the new Congress.
    We want to watch carefully how closely the leaders of the House and Senate will follow through the agenda. In a way, from the perspectives of this immigration legislation agenda, we are relieved that the Congress was over with the most serious road block to the Congress, to wit, rebuke of Bush's resurge in Iraq.


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  • hebron
    10-11 06:56 PM
    That�s what exactly I am trying to find here. Since I am not USC or GC, would they take my complain seriously and I want to remain anonymous. Is it possible?

    Yes, They will take you seriously. Just complain to DOL.

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    03-17 04:45 PM
    I was informed that without I-94 card she cannot be added to my insrurance.

    Can anyone suggest me some good insurance I can take online/india for this kind of situation...???


    Did you even talk to your employer yet? They will ask for marriage certificate and nothing else. Who informed you about I-94? one of your friends/forum members? Are they giving insurance to you.

    Go talk to employer/HR/Insurance agent.


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  • gcsucks
    06-17 11:29 AM
    We should set up a webfax/email for all members to be sent to CNN and FOX like the ones we setup for the senators.

    Any comments from Core team ?
    Once the Core team drafts a letter we can send that....

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  • sp0
    02-15 03:24 PM
    does anyone have an answer

    Guess roughly 10K balance, assuming 5k for each individual for a trip for around 6 months in us. This was the reasoning i was using when i took my bank statement.


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  • goldbuckle
    March 14th, 2006, 10:32 PM
    Here are examples. Others file sizes to large to upload.

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  • Winner
    10-11 08:37 PM
    I am in H1B and more than five years. My employer is a mid size
    private Indian company. They start bringing more and more L1B
    people and post them in client location. Their LCA is for 55K and they
    are paid only 30K even though the billing is in three digit. All the
    accomodation, per diem are paid by the client. We are into one of
    the XXX product and there is no custom product from our company.

    Whats the best way to deal with this guys. Whom should send I the
    complaint about this. What they are doing is a complete violation
    of law.

    So please guide and share you experience.

    P.S. If you dont have any information, please stay away. Do not
    start the H1 vs L1, Anti-immis troll alert. Thanks for your
    understanding. This has nothing to do with the L1 employees.

    Just curious..if you can answer the below questions, I'll google my fingers off to get you information you need.

    Why not disclose your employers name?
    Does your company just pay low wages to others and pay you very well?
    If your company is violating US laws, why are you with them?


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  • apnair2002
    05-02 06:21 PM

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  • FredG
    November 17th, 2004, 07:11 PM
    Hi randlesl, welcome to Dphoto! In addition to the above, some cameras are just calibrated to underexpose. My D60 did that consistently. I think I shot everything at +2/3 exposure comp. Some lenses may contribute to that as well. To test that, try taking a shot outdoors in good light using the same target with both lens set to 70mm and f/5.6. If they come out looking alike, all is well. If the 28-80 comes out darker, experiment to see how much extra you need to dial in with that lens to get it looking like the other. Also try a few shots with the 28-80 lens on a tripod, or other sturdy rest. If the images come out sharp, then the blur is like what I get ... operator error. If they are still blurry, then the problem may be with that lens. From what you said, though, and as jliechty suggested, it may be from trying to follow moving targets in low light with a shutter speed that can't freeze the action.


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  • miamivice4u
    04-10 07:40 AM
    But he can not loose our hopes, remember this, for the american people legal inmmigration is Green Card holders, if you are a temporary worker is like they are telling you hurry up pack your things and get back to your place, and the congress will try to work legal and illegal immigration at the same time, probably they will increase visas, but anyways the point is who is making noise in the streets? illegals and their supporters. In my case i contact my senator and my congressman every month asking to please help with comprehensive immigration reform, to help us to create legislation on name check so we do not have to wait years, and well all of them are republicans but all of them are immigrants so they know our pain.

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  • aniraj
    08-02 01:26 PM
    Thanks a lot


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  • Rinsha
    04-03 07:56 PM
    Why is it still unaccessible? Are you guys experiencing the same?

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  • urpal
    06-22 08:11 AM

    I got my EAD through my primary Employer. I am currently working on EAD but with a different Employer (NY State Agency) who doesn�t encourage GC processing, so did not file my AC21 and been working for over a year now. I still have good rapport with my primary Employer. Now I am scheduled to go to INDIA for few weeks, my question is " whom should I say is my Employer " if the immigration officer asks me at the port of entry (JFK). Please advise as I will be carrying my current pay stubs.

    Thank you


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  • lj_rr
    11-11 03:47 PM
    Need advise from someone who renewed Indian passport by mail at the San Francisco Indian Consulate.

    My wife filled the application online and is ready to mail it, but there are questions regarding the supporting docs.
    1)Proof of Residence:CGISF website shows applicable docs as Driving license or PG&E, Water or landline telephone bill displaying applicant�s address or
    House Lease Agreement.
    However in my wife's case, her name is not on any of the utility bills mentioned above and her Driving license has the old address.
    Can we use the HUD-1 closing statement or home title as proof. Or can we use a insurance bill for this purpose? If not, please advise on other options.

    2)Notarizing:I understand photo copies of any docs that I sent needs to be notarized.
    Is there anything else that needs to be notarized?Your website says that "If applying by mail, Photocopy of all supporting documents including Photo should be notarized and attached to the application".
    Do I need to notarize both the photos from page 1 and page 4? Please clarify.

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  • snathan
    05-23 06:15 PM
    Here is Ron's reply for the questions/concern

    Hi Ron,

    Tons of thanks for your time and this letter. Though most of the case are pending with Atlanta, there are few people struck with chicago as well. But the number is very small compared to atlanta. This template sounds very good to me, I will post the same at IV and let you know the feed back. Also I will direct the folks struck in chicago to you, they can hire you if they want you to represent them or I will ask them how do they want to proceed.

    If we give the case number and employer name, would there be any impact/side effect ?

    I will keep you posted and thanks a lot for your time


    Reply from Ron:

    All of the Chicago cases have been transferred to Atlanta. If the Chicago guys want to talk to me, I’m happy to do so. They don’t have to hire me if all they want is information. As for putting names and case numbers, without that information, they won’t take the letter seriously. Also, I think that this will get the DOL to move on those cases. Almost every time I have made a specific complaint, they have responded by resolving the case right away in order to make the whole thing go away. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the same thing here.

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  • Munna Bhai
    06-22 11:14 AM
    Please help...

    It is not possible to save any information on PDF forms if need to correct anything later..

    Any idea how to save data on all the forms...

    you need pdf writer, use demo.

    11-18 02:45 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding visitors visa, my parents got multiple Entry 10 years visa in 2007, but have not visited me so far, but this december my Mom is visitng me and in Feb my father( as to avoid harsh winter weather in East Coast), they will leave back in May 2009.

    My Question is will there be any issue as their visa was issued in 2007 but they are visiting now

    Do I need to send any new documents( I have moved onto EAD )

    Looking forward to hear suggestions.

    08-27 01:58 PM
    As mentioned in your other post. This should have no bearing on your status.

    Question: Dear Ms. Murthy, can one apply for a driver�s license with I-485 receipt notice or is the EAD needed?

    Answer: Generally, most DMVs will only issue the DL when one has some clear legal status like H-4 or H1B status. The I-485 should be sufficient, in most cases, and the problem is often that the DMV staff is not as well trained with immigration documents. By requesting to speak with the supervisor, one may be able to obtain the DL based on the I-485 receipt notice, since all that the law requires as evidence that one is legal in the U.S.Apr-7-2008.

    I do not have EAD and my 485 app is pending, all i can do is get my h1b renewed, in my case without stamping and just 797 will they not give me drivers license extension ???