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coloring pages disney ariel. Disney Princess coloring pages
  • Disney Princess coloring pages

  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 14, 01:16 PM
    A good hire, Apple deserves him;)

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  • OneMike
    Mar 13, 10:16 AM
    I think this is the first year that everything in my house is all automatically adjusted. Except the kids who didn't get the memo. Instead of waking an hour later they got up 1.5 hours early.

    coloring pages disney ariel. coloring pages disney
  • coloring pages disney

  • GFLPraxis
    Apr 22, 05:31 PM
    San Pellegrino Limonata rocks.


    But being Italian, I may be somewhat biased.

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Mar 28, 09:08 AM
    ...The Windows phone 7 Metro UI is much better looking than iOS, cleaner, more fashionable. iOS is downright ugly compared to it.

    I would agree that the WP7 Metro is a good looking UI when compared to iOS. However, it seems pretty obvious that we won't be getting an iOS UI overhaul after having seen screen shots of Lion's Launchpad.


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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Mar 14, 01:47 PM
    Satan appears as an angel of light and he's got two posters hear on this thread at least, but not the other poster.

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  • treblah
    Sep 27, 09:11 AM
    If he gets me a seed account, do I have to stop posting here? Cuz that would suck. A lot.

    You don't have to stop posting in general. Only about stuff you download or read on ADC.

    I'm going to predict a Friday release, to coincide with Aperture 1.5.


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  • MarkyMark
    Oct 24, 01:41 PM
    i really wonder: why not "made in america" or "made in europe"? :confused:

    They do (or at least certainly did three years ago, and I think still) make a lot of macs in Ireland. Macs made there have serial numbers which start CK. Apple were one of the top two employers there last time I heard (can't remember if they or Guinness were the biggest).

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  • lhotka
    Mar 13, 07:04 PM
    Well, I have serious doubts that someone 'types in' the time for a network. I'm sure they have to configure the local towers to transmit the correct time zone, but that's not the same as typing in 2:00 AM and then waiting to the right second to press enter.

    Dates and times aren't stored as hours and minute - it's usually some form of julian date, probably transmitted in UTC. It's up to the local device to correctly convert it to local time.

    I note in passing that we're not hearing of any issues with regular phones - just iphones and other smart phones. Anyone have a basic phone show the wrong time?


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  • MacRumors
    Sep 27, 08:49 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    According to a Digg.com story (http://digg.com/apple/Mac_OS_X_10_4_8_Final_BUILD_to_be_Released_in_the_Next_Few_Days), Apple has seeded OS 10.4.8 Build 8L2125 to developers. According to the poster (named "appledev"), no significant issues remain which could indicate a release within days.

    The Intel Version weighs in at 206 MB, with the PowerPC Version weighing in at a significantly less 30.8 MB. Previous rumors indicated significant work was being done on Rosetta, which could explain the substantial size difference (although Intel versions have typically been larger, as Mac OS 10.4.7, released in June (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/06/20060627161810.shtml), was 133 MB Intel and 64 MB PPC). Other previous (unconfirmed) rumors have indicated that, among other enhancements and bug fixes (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/08/20060829081002.shtml), OpenGL may have also seen performance improvements (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/09/20060910001852.shtml).

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  • cantthinkofone
    Mar 21, 09:03 PM
    Aloha everyone,

    I seriously don't understand how people can afford not to complain about the gas prices here in Hawaii. I buy all my gas on any one of the various military bases, as we always get cheaper gas than those gas stations outside. I normally get a gallon of premium lower than most outside gas stations sell their regular unleaded.

    Imagine my shock when just last week, it was over $4/gal here at Schofield Barracks (home of the US Army's 25th Infantry Division - Light). It was the same over at the Pearl Harbor-Hickam Combined Base (they merged, but I'm not sure that I got the name correct), although the off-base prices haven't risen quite as sharply, but they're still paying right around $3.96/gallon for regular unleaded gas.

    I mean, we're not even in the summer season yet, not that Hawaii actually has a summer season. I mean that, like in the US Mainland, we get raped at the pump during the "summer" season, for no other reason than the gas companies here can do it. I mean, what else can we do except bitch and complain? If we want to drive our cars, we have to buy the gas, right?

    Don't try that here at Fort Wood. Gas costs the same as it does off post but they throw a huge fit if they see you getting gas and aren't military.

    I paid $60 to fill up today. Gas was $3.35/US Gal.


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  • Slix
    Apr 5, 07:19 PM
    I hope Thunderbolt becomes integrated in the iPhone and iPad and stuff, simply because it's the way of the future. One port for everything. :D

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  • Cappy
    Sep 20, 08:59 PM
    Originally posted by avkills
    Microsoft has not beat Apple as far as a 64bit consumer OS goes. Name one consumer chip that is 64bit. Thank you. Carry on.

    And your point is? There really isn't a need for 64bit cpu's let alone OS's for most consumers. AMD is essentially responsible for putting the pressure on the industry to move toward 64bit as soon as it is.

    For consumers a 64bit cpu and OS is nothing more than bragging rights...at least for a few years.

    Originally posted by avkills
    Also, I think NT is limited to 4 processors unless they have updated that recently. Clustering is not the same as a multi-processor machine. Unix scales better than NT, just deal with it. Apple could easily make a rack server that had 16 processors, with a kick arse OpenGL card and teach SGI a lesson. They don't have the market for that though...yet!


    I'm not sure where you get your info but keep dreaming. You fail to mention what cpu's they would use. I don't think your going to see current G4's in 16 processor servers ever. It's just not designed to do it. That's not to say it cannot be done...just that it would be a waste of manpower and money to do it and not be very efficient at it no matter the market.


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  • JodyK
    Jun 25, 04:47 AM
    I work for a large telecom company and was installing home internet service for a customer that had an iPhone. When I asked if he wanted me to set up his wifi for him he said sure. When I looked at it the top right hand corner said T-mobile. I looked at the phone and said to myself T-Mobile? Then just carried on. So now looking at this article makes me think that they are actually testing it on their network. I don't know what to think of it actually.

    Carrier logos on the iPhone are in the top left corner. As a forum newbie I will tell you folks around here are sticklers for having your facts straight. You didn't see anything special ... Just an unlocked iPhone on T-mobile just like the one I have had since 2007!

    coloring pages disney ariel. coloring pages disney
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  • stridemat
    May 2, 01:22 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)

    wait till you see the new horizontal stripe iPhone.


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  • LEGO, disney princess and

  • gdew
    Sep 25, 10:57 AM

    coloring pages disney ariel. LEGO, disney princess and
  • LEGO, disney princess and

  • Oppressed
    Apr 17, 08:56 AM
    First thing that comes to mind is Brasso, but an abrasive such as that might actually tarnish the matte coating around the scratches which would just make it worse. Long story short I think we may be out of luck.


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  • HexMonkey
    May 28, 04:59 PM
    I don't have much time right now (I'm kind of in class at the moment) but I think I figured out how to edit categories, just edit the category page like any normal page, I'm going to test it out with a new category later when I have more time to figure out how to delete my test category after creating it (yes I'm very new to wiki editing).

    Only sysops can delete pages. If you want to create a test category I can delete it when you're done with it.

    coloring pages disney ariel. proven facts that mermaids
  • proven facts that mermaids

  • chrono1081
    Mar 17, 07:51 PM
    In response to all the "Recommend Me a Camera/Lens/Editor etc" threads, I offer this. Comments or additions?

    Never Show Your Work To Anyone

    Read Only "Expert Photographer" Blogs, Articles, and Books

    Leave Your Camera On Auto...:eek:...

    Buy A New and More Expensive Camera Because It'll Make Better Pictures

    Spend Too Much Time Mastering Photoshop

    Mine is this: Fixate on one style of photography or subject.

    Original stolen from PIXIQ... (http://www.pixiq.com/article/how-to-work-hard-at-photography-and-still-suck)


    The one in bold is what I see the most. I've done photography for years and see new people get into the game and worry about the wrong things. Photoshop being one of them. Photoshop shouldn't even come to someones mind.

    Learn the camera, learn composition, learn lighting, learn photographic techniques to get what you want such as second curtain sync, hyperfocal distancing, etc. Once you can get it done right in camera then you can take it to the next level in photoshop (skin smoothing, removing hair wisps, correcting lens distortion, etc.).

    Too many people want to be a pro right out of the gate, they buy photoshop, get a NAPP membership, a fancy computer (that is 99% of the time overkill), raid storage when they've only shot 500 pictures, etc but never bother to learn the fundamentals.

    I'm all for learning on Digital, I think it helps someone learn better, but focus on learning the most important and fundamental things first, then learn about the post processing. A picture can still look fantastic without running it through photoshop.

    coloring pages disney ariel. Disney Halloween Coloring
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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 26, 07:47 PM
    My main purpose in commenting though is to say congrats to Apple on the management of the event, especially the policing of the queue. It was good to see they dealt with pushing in because, let's face it, they get the same money whether you push or not.

    There was one security guy with a shaved head who was excellent although I think he spent most of his time down the other end of the queue. One of the security guys at the front was really nice too but was a bit overwhelmed due to the number of people. There was an Apple guy at the front who was a bit rubbish though and let people in. The queuing was *really* bad at the front. People were pushing in and got away with it at five to six. One guy even barged in at exactly six o'clock.
    Apple apparently couldn't get permission to use barriers from the council - probably because they left it so late to announce when Leopard would be in stores. We (everyone at the front) were *extremely* disappointed with the shocking organisation of the queues. The first 20m or so of the queue was about 4 people wide. The inner two had been there since about 4 while the outer two had queue jumped in at great annoyance to everyone else at about ten to six and the staff did nothing. This is the reason why some of you didn't get t-shirts. We tried complaining and arguing but to no avail. :(

    Mar 13, 12:31 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Mine went an hour back on Saturday morning. :/. But as soon as I even clicked date & date it fixed it back

    Mar 29, 09:53 AM
    did you read it? it is exactly what I have been saying all along.
    No, it's exactly opposite of what you wrote.

    Nov 2, 01:31 PM
    But IMHO, Apple is a little weak in the video card dept. still. The Mac Mini now costs $100-200 more than it did when it came out, and you still get wimpy, non-upgradeable graphics in it. The Core Duo 2 CPU in one *really* starts to make that look lopsided. Even the iMacs could use something like Radeon X1900XT's in them - because the home market they target includes a lot of teens who want to play games on the computer.

    And I'm *really* hoping they start doing more to get software ported to OS X. The ability to boot into Windows shouldn't become an excuse for developers not to make native OS X versions of software. I barely ever boot into XP on my Mac Pro because I like the OS X environment so much better. So the games I tend to play on it are the ones like "Call of Duty 2" I have for OS X.

    Good points. Apple are doing great, but the lack of dedicated graphics in consumer-priced Macs aimed at switchers & students, many of whom will already own PC games, is an oversight. Otherwise, Apple's marketshare could be far higher.

    Also, as 0010101 posted earlier, there'll be huge numbers of people holding back from buying PCs due to Vista's delay. Let's see if Apple can repeat their current success next year, when millions of PCs pre-loaded with Vista hit the shops. IMO, without significant upgrades to consumer-priced Macs, Apple's marketshare is unlikely to continue growing beyond the busy pre-Xmas retail season.

    Apr 21, 01:16 PM
    Could be the Devs Apple will invite on stage at WWDC in June? Apple giving the Devs time to prep?

    Dec 28, 09:24 AM
    Why all the complaining? If this is a move to increase the quality of service in NYC, isn't this a good move till they upgrade their towers? If it's truly because of fraud, that's understandable. AT&T should be truthful about reasons for their actions, maybe they have been.